The age-old discussion on Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

Where do I start? We all know what happened. Many choose to say it was time for Brad and Jen’s marriage to come to and end, others say that Angie is a husband-grabbing bitch. My take?

She knew exactly what she was doing and what would happen if she seduced Brad on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. She is the kind of woman who scares other women. She is a predator and goes after whomever she chooses with no second thought to their situation. The Queen Bee always says to get the FUNK away from any girl who doesn’t have even one FEMALE friend. This is that girl. She has on more than one occasion stated that she doesn’t maintain friendships with women. Really? Not even ONE gal? Why? Because girls see through her and see the kind of woman she is. The kind you can’t trust. The kind that will cheat on you with your husband should she see fit.

Let’s look back to her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton. She ALSO stole him away from his then-fiancee Laura Dern. Not once but TWICE she’s done this.

Jennifer is a girl’s girl. Angie is not. Jennifer is the type you marry. Angie is the type you fu*k. The Queen Bee buzzes that the only reason Brad is still with her is purely for the children. How do you walk away from six children even if your woman is crazy as fu*k? You don’t. You be a good man and stay.

You may say “what kind of ‘good’ man would have cheated in the first place”. Well, I believe that women are more devious, coniving and manipulative then most men. Straight up. We bitches plan shit out and know what and who we are going after and honestly, unless you’re the savviest of the savvy men, you will NOT see it coming. Men are too stupid to be help completely to blame – I lay just as much blame on the conniving woman who masterminds the adultery.

If a beautiful woman decides she wants an attached man, it is simply a matter of time. The right combination of attention, sexiness and interest will blindside almost any man. Any woman can see it coming, but God forbid we mention this to said men…they will make the call that we are nothing less than catty and jealous. Catty and jealous my ass. Jealous that we are about to watch another woman walk out the door with our man. And with nothing we can do.

Angie walked out the door with Brad…and Jenn never had a fighting chance.

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One thought on “The age-old discussion on Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston

  1. Viviane C. Bejarano says:

    it is life, my dear. People come and go. Relationships start, develop, and die, which happens to everything in life. Accept that and you will lead a more gratifying life than if you just vomit words to justify your anger – did you feel “abandoned” by someone in your life? You sound just plain sore…Nobody “steals” anybody from anyone – simply, people move on… and there is nothing, nothing wrong with that…

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